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Larry was born in Johannesburg South Africa. Educated at Helpmekaar High School in Johannesburg and the University of South Africa. Later at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales Australia. He received an early introduction to jewellery and gems from his grandfather Daniel Williamson who was involved in the Kimberley diamond trade. Daniel, a successful diamond dealer, shared in the birth of the colourful Kimberley diamond boom in South Africa. In 1978 Larry started training under master jewellers Con Hattingh and Christo Heineke. He qualified 5 years later as a jeweller and diamond mounter. He continued further training with them for an additional 2 years. In 1986  he joined Mervis Brothers Rolex in Johannesburg South Africa where he gained valuable experience learning the art of precious stone setting. Making custom Rolex diamond bracelets. He represented them at the De Beers Design Awards in 1988. In 1989 Larry started a new jewellery design company with David Bolam from Graff London. They specialised in creating fine jewellery and art objects including statuettes of African wildlife. He went on to work with Italian Jeweller Andrea Polito and Klaus Matzke a German Jeweller. Larry then joined the Schwartz International Jewellery Group and worked with them for 13 Years. They had branches in London and Los Angeles, Cape Town, Sun City Casino and Johannesburg. They maintained a truly international presence. This resulted in more that a decade of making high jewellery for many influential and famous clients. Larry specialized in making intricate and challenging diamond jewellery which are today in private collections all over the world. They won numerous design awards among them the Anglo Gold Riches of Africa and Anglo Platinum awards. Larry made an African Drum Bangle which is a feature piece of the De Beers Gold collection. He returned to studies and completed a Bachelor's degree specializing in psychological counselling at the University of South Africa. He also completed a postgraduate diploma in ministerial counselling. He worked with political prisoners, research and counselling for substance use disorders. In 2004 he moved to Western Australia to join Leon Baker Jewellers. There he managed their design studio/workshop and trained apprentices.  During 2007 Larry shipped all his manufacturing and metal casting equipment from South Africa.  

Larry is a master jeweller who has spent years designing, mounting and setting diamond jewellery for discerning clients. He continues to use his creative abilities to fulfill and go beyond the expectations of jewellery lovers. He has refined the art of creating unique diamond pieces of all requirements. He gives the same respectful attention to every stone that he sets and finds extraordinary creative inspiration in diamonds. He combined his creative skills and developed a Creative Therapy Program combining artistic expression with behaviour therapy. He completed a Master's Degree at the University of Newcastle and also works in the field of substance use disorders. In 2008 Larry launched the GeTonn collection as he celebrates 30 years in the jewellery industry. This collection explores the exciting metal Titanium in combination with Platinum,Gold, Silver, Nickel, Pearls and other gems.The Getonn collection is currently available by appointment at, Jah Roc Gallery in Margaret River  and online at GeTonn.com




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